Project Runway Recap Episode 9: Christina Aguilera & the attack of the sparkly panties

[image-1]Her mental breakdown level was somewhere around a code orange. Shirin seems to have snapped but that is until we see Gordana in the confessional, fur-ee-king out. That woman scares the bejusus out of me, for real. While they were both moments away from jumping off the balcony, love was blossoming between my two favorite little cutie pies, Logan and Carol Hannah. I am still waiting for them to get caught making out in a corner of the workroom while telling each other how much they like the way the other can ruche a gown.

Though it is hard to pick a favorite workroom moment, as all of these would be standout in a normal Runway episode, my favorite tonight comes from Irina, aka Bitchy McTalkBehindPeoplesBacks (pictured left with her usual "ray of sunshine" smile). Did you see her stank looks? Not since The Hills Season 2 has reality television captured pure evil in a facial expression like that.

I could go on forever about this episode but some of you probably have work to do or something to get back to so I will move onto the part of the show that actually matters for like the outcome of the show and stuff, the runway.

[image-2]Irina squeaked by with her ice capades get-up so we didn't get to see her chat with the judges, which is sad because I think she had a few more disgusted looks left in her to throw at unsuspecting designers. Gordana only got out of sure elimination thanks to her immunity (though I was hoping that Heidi would pull a Runway first and say that despite her immunity it was just too wretched and send her home). What I thought were fembot boobies turned out to be some sort of nipple holes(?) Check out the pictured to the right and judge for yourself.

The bottom three was an easy desicion. Shirin, Chris and Logan (pictured below in that order) really missed the mark. Shirin's mental breakdown was not good for her design and I totally agree with Heidi on this, witch costume, all the way, actually I think I saw that at Spirit Halloween this weekend, it came with a free plastic cauldron of generic candy bars. Chris was real proud of his sparkly panties in the workroom but as it turns out, she looks like a Moulin Rouge extra gone terribly wrong. Logan, cute as he may be, got confused and decided to design for the remake of The Flintstones starring Avril Lavigne, you can't blame him though, because it was pretty easy to think that was the challenge.


The top three were also obvious choices: Nicolas, Althea and Carol Hannah (all pictured below in that order). Nicolas would have killed himself if he didn't get some face time with the Mackster himself, so I am thrilled that his dreams came true and his feathers were fab. Althea, though she loves to rock that silhouette, is a strong designer and the pattern she made was stunning. Carol Hannah's was my favorite, so classy and textured while incorporating just enough pizazz to keep the judges attention, beautiful.


The winner tonight, was Carol Hannah and rightfully so, she deserved it, I mean even her headband matched her dress. Heeeellllooo winning fashion decision!

Despite all the sparkle and flash, someone has to be sent home and if it isn't Gordana, I am glad to see Shirin get the axe.


Designers remaining: 7

Cry count: 10 (I gave this episode a .5 for the insane amount of almost cries)

Complete emotional breakdown: .5

Use of the word “Fierce”: 2

Check out all the looks at’s Rate the Runway.

I am so excited to write this recap, I can hardly stand it. I may have stated multiple times during this episode that this was the best hour of Project Runway ever. Fashion icons, sequins, love, drama, bitchiness, feathers, stank looks ... amazing.

Bob Mackie is the man behind the magic of this episode and that is thrilling to me. Most people may know Bob Mackie because he designs sparkling monstrosities for the tackiest stars in the universe, I know his name for a different reason. You see, every Christmas, my grandmother would get the FAO Schwartz Catalog and there was always a special edition Bob Mackie Barbie doll for the bargain price of around $200. I wanted one so badly, to display on my little white shelf between my pink fish tank and my Alice in Wonderland Tea set. Sadly, I never got a Bob Mackie Barbie doll but don't feel bad for me, my childhood wasn't totally ruined because of this...I got over it sometime in high school. Anywho, enough reminiscing about me because Mr. Mackie made quite the little fuss among the men of Runway, I was concerned that Nicolas may explode at some point, it was the like "The Feather Prince" meeting his King, "The Sultan of Sequins" for the very first time. He neared tears but held it together, probably in an effort to remain manly, because if you can't tell, manliness is a huge deal for Nicolas (insert sarcastic look here). And if Bob Mackie isn't enough to make a gay man shake with pure delight, they will be designing a stage costume for none other than Christina Aguilera. HOLY EFFING CRAP, the woman behind such hits as Genie in a Bottle and Dirrty!? Yes, THAT Christina Aguilera.

A challenge like this cannot be drama free and we got so so much of it, let's start with the annoyingly talkative Shirin.

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