Project Runway recap episode seven: The Blues

The boys are getting a little testy this week as Nicolas reveals his extreme and unwarranted hatred of ruffles. Who hates ruffles?! They are fluffy and cute and when done right can really disguise a lady's jiggle if she knows there is a four-course meal in her future. Am I right ladies? C'mon Nicolas, show a little ruffle love. Epperson is jumping on the meany-wagon too, totally talking shit about Qristyl after she's gone, probably to convince Chris not to be like her! One word: passiveaggresivo (it's a word, don't look it up, just trust me).

We are getting to the the point in the season where Tim Gunn gets to critique all the designers and not just a select few, and this makes me happy. I *heart* Tim … and maybe it's the crisp air flowing through my open windows on this lovely fall evening, maybe it's that sportcoat he's rocking, but Tim Gunn is looking especially dapper tonight.

Now onto the Run … Wait. Rewind. Heyo! Did anyone else see that leg shot of Chris in the apartment?! Totally unnecessary and totally appreciated. Thanks for throwing the ladies a little skin, even if it is the upper thigh of a gay man from the great white north. We will take what we can get.

Ok, NOW, onto the Runway, for real this time.

I would like to personally welcome back Michael Kors. I had given up but just like a boy, as soon as you give up on him he shows up out of nowhere and we can't help but welcome him back with open arms, hearts and judging chairs.

One of the top spots went to team Irina and Gordana, aka "Team of Names I Still Have a Tough Time Spelling When I Write These Recaps." That striped dress was definitely my favorite of the entire challenge: summery, light and lovely. As for the second look, I could live without that blouse, but it's not my style, whatevs. The next top team was Carol Hannah and Shirin. I don't love these fabric choices, at least not the way they look on TV, but altogether they had a classic look and it was well done, no arguments with this choice.

[image-1]The bottom two teams, Louise and Nicolas take on Chris and Epperson  for the title of "I didn't get kicked off in the lame Macy's challenge." Louise and Nicolas (garments pictured above) are killing me with the ruffles on that silver dress: Bad. '90s. Prom. And don't even get me started on the navy dress that was beautifully fitted, but then you throw some baby blue satin in there?! Really?! Ugh. Chris and Epperson (garments pictured below) just seem soooo shocked but let's be honest, you're pushing down the runway a baby bib on top of a dress that resembles a Christmas ornament followed by a fairly dull Hilfiger-esque and slightly ill-fitting shirt dress. What on earth were they expecting? Apparently more positive feedback, as Chris burst into tears mid-sentence. Someone needs to get these people all cried out before they hit the runway.



The winner tonight is Irina (dress pictured left), not at all surprising. The right choice.

Now, was I right about who gets auf'ed!? Yes, of course I was. Goodbye to you Louise and your ruffles. Nicolas will have to find someone else to talk about behind their back next week. I'm pretty sure he can handle it.


Designers remaining: 9

Cry count: 7.5

Complete emotional breakdown: .5

Use of the word “Fierce”: 2

Check out all the looks at’s Rate the Runway.

This week, the challenge is brought to us by Macy's INC line and everything is blue … ok, welp, I like blue, I guess. It seems a little boring, but we are given another team challenge, which we all know are my favorites because people have even more chances to bicker and gripe and throw each other under the fashion bus at the first sign of trouble. Let the games begin.

I felt a little drama acomin' when Althea picked Logan, they didn't show it but in my mind Carol Hannah shot Althea a serious death look. She seems all sweet and innocent but I think a blonde dreamy designer can bring out the worst in her. I don't think it's out of the question to be patiently waiting for a bitchslap, just a 'lil one.

In non-blonde news, Louise is a hot mess this week, surely losing her little gothic mind. She misplaced her envelope of money in Mood, displays her bird-calling ability and blatantly tells us that she can't handle the pressure. I hate to break it to her but she miiiiight be on the wrong show, maybe a reality show about non-competitive sewing techniques would be more her speed? With all this focus on her, my early prediction is that she is out of here tonight. Am I right? Am I wrong? Hmmmm, we won't talk about it 'til after the jump.

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