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Speaking of CRACK (no, not you Josh Hamilton), how do you think Luke Scott's knee is feeling right now? The fireworks continued with a powder keg in the top of the ninth. After Rays reliever Burke Badenhop accidentally sent one into Punxsutawney Ph... I mean Dustin Pedroia's ribs, things got a bit tense. Cut Badenhop a break, he was focusing on blowing the lead; you can't expect him to send every pitch down the middle...

Enter Luke Scott, top of the final frame. The first pitch from Franklin Morales was two feet behind him; tell me that doesn't get a guy's blood pumping. And he toyed around before finally tagging Scott on the knee with clear intent. Scott started strolling to the mound and business picked up as both benches cleared.

There was plenty of heat but things didn't boil over. Another thing that didn't happen was Morales getting told to hit the fuckin' bricks like he should have. Post-game, Joyce told Todd Kalas it was a "misunderstanding." The understanding I have is that this officiating crew must miss the bus to umpire school for not showing this guy the door. Waggle your finger? Pfft! Get the fuck outta here!

Look for some more action in tomorrow's game two, 'cause this aint over, folks!


As sports onomatopoeia go, it doesn't get much better than that. That was the sound Boston Redsox starting pitcher Jon Lester's 3-1 pitch made on it's way out to the Sox bullpen, courtesy of the bat of Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays. That bases-loaded bomb in the top of the third inning gave the Rays a 4-1 lead, one they'd never relinquish.

There were a few more fireworks from Tampa Bay's bats in the next inning. Elliot Johnson continues to impress, showing some power by going yard over Boston's fabled Green Monster with Chris Gimenez aboard to make it 6-2. Carlos Pena added a homer of his own immediately following for a six run lead at the hands of the Boston lefty.

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