Remember the cool Dennis Miller? We do

Here's what we remember and we love it.

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My earliest memory of Dennis Miller making me laugh was when Tipper Gore wanted to start labeling records (back before we called them LPs) and he was making fun of her. I can't find it anywhere on the web (please prove me wrong in the comments), but essentially he said, "If a Def Leppard album is capable of pushing your kids over the edge, you're not doing your job."

Despite what Miller says — and he said it to me in a phone interview earlier this week — his views have changed. I spent some time in a Dennis Miller rabbit hole, looking for proof. And I found it. 

He won't agree, of course, but if you, like me, find the interview with this new Dennis Miller staggeringly heartbreaking, these videos should perk you right up. Go read it, then come back. We'll be here. 

Here are a few rants that prove our point (and yes, we could also disprove it with other, more recent ones, but Miller's shattered some dreams here, so let's step lively, shall we?)

His 1969 rant from his Millennium Special:

Wasn't that Reagan's thing?

See, you're feeling better already, aren't you? How about his 1998 rant against greed?

The world made sense then, right? And look at him smiling... he looks happy. And he's advocating to share the wealth. This is the same guy who has said often he's "fiscally conservative... I want to keep half my money" — not only in large news headlines, but in an interview with me. It's one of his talking points. 

WHY NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY. Oh, my god, Dennis, I miss you, man.

Anyway, Miller and his sexy voice, beautiful smart-ass smile and great hair may not think he's changed, but man... what I wouldn't give to feel like he hadn't changed a little bit less, you know?

Cathy Salustri is the arts + entertainment editor for Creative Loafing Tampa. Contact Cathy here.

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