Rick Ross being sued by ... Rick Ross? Jay-Z possibly testifying

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Well, this is interesting...

Miami's own notoriously portly rapper, William Roberts, who most of us know as Rick Ross, actually basedthis namesake off the persona of the real Rick Ross, a notorious California drug kingpin who made a coke-fueled fortune in the mid 80's.   Ross (the real one) was eventually busted trying to buy 100 kilos of the stuff back in '96 and was sentenced to life in prison.

Last year though, he was released on good behavior and is now, apparently, not too pleased with our husky hustler, Rick Ross (the rapper).  On June 18th, the former kingpin filed a suit in the Central District of California alleging Roberts used the Rick Ross moniker to build a profitable music career without the consent from the real Ross.


"...the suit claims that Universal Music Group, Slip-N-Slide Records and Maybach Music Group were all at fault. Jay-Z has also been included in the lawsuit because he was the president of Def Jam Records during the time Roberts released his first album under the name Rick Ross. If summoned, Jay-Z will have to appear in court."

William Roberts, coincidentally enough, worked as a correctional officer (pictured below) in Miami-Dade County for 18 months before launching into the rap game with Slip-N-Slide Records.  He denied any affiliation with the 5-0 and claimed the pictures were doctored.  Then, as more evidence started piling up, he finally admitted that, yes, he was once a lowly prison guard.

Just so you know Ricky, this kind of denial-then-backtracking move does not hold up too well in court.  Best of luck to you either way.

(via RollingOut)

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