Seize the summer throughout Tampa Bay and Florida with Creative Loafing's Summer Guide

That thing you never get around to? Get around to it.

Time is precious.

Even more so now, as more of us are working longer hours, retirement seems to many to be receding into impossibility, and it’s starting to look like all those things we thought we’d get around to may remain forever unaccomplished.

How many times have you and your friends or family dreamed up a crazy vacation or bucket-list item, only to sideline it and bring it up every couple of years, saying you’ve gotta do it at some point, but always finishing the conversation with a knowing sigh?

It’s time to Seize the Summer.

Inspired in part by CL contributor Jon Kile and his family, for whom an unforeseen medical circumstance caused a major reevaluation of the way they wanted to spend the time they had together (p. 17), this year’s Summer Guide theme is a call to action for all of us. Why wait? Why daydream without doing? What if you knew this was your last summer on Earth?

Would you swim with sharks or manatees? Skydive? Visit a favorite part of Florida, or the parts that might not be around too much longer due to climate change? Finally try vegan food? Go on a tour of the state’s hottest restaurants and watering holes? These are just some of the things we came up with while discussing our own final summers, but the road trips, events and experiences linked here are meant to inspire your own bucket-list summer.

What have you always wanted to do here in the Sunshine State, but never got around to?

Get around to it.

Live this summer like it’s your last.

—Scott Harrell

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