Spoiler Corner: Glee, Raising Hope, Vampire Diaries and more!

Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone dying? Is your favorite couple getting engaged? Hook-ups? Break-ups? Well, here you will find all the answers to your burning questions! Enjoy television lovers!

Glee Well Klaine fans this week (Kurt and Blaine) you are in luck, Kurt is really transferring schools and he wastes no time joining the Warblers and their performance of Train's "Hey, Soul Sister." I can't wait to see the Warblers compete against New Directions this year at sectionals, it is definitely my teenage dream (cheesy, I know I just can't help myself). In other exciting Glee news, the very hyped post Super Bowl Glee episode has already begun production and sounds amazing with a "Thriller" mashup, more Katy Perry and the return of Charice! I don't know about you but the Super Bowl is sounding mega lame compared to this sport-centered fabulous Glee episode.

Gossip Girl This week's episode, "The Townie" is the mid-season finale so expect a lot of drama a lot of sex and probably a giant cliffhanger. This will be the end of Juliet in one way or another because this is her last episode for the season and I'm sure she will head out with a bang, as she always does and there are some guaranteed sparks about to fly between Dan and Juliet! This episode is definitely a must see and is going to close a few very important story lines.

How I Met Your Mother Robin is getting a new job, Marshall and Lily get some shocking news (maybe a pregnancy), and the most surprising news of all Barney enjoys giving ... and not in the dirty way. Barney learns the joy of giving this Christmas season although the details of what he gives and why he likes it are all under wraps I have a feeling this is a short-lived lesson as all lessons are for Barney.

Raising Hope This week's episode is the Christmas episode and hilarity definitely ensues. Grandma Virginia wants baby Hope to play baby Jesus in the living Nativity scene for their church. Not only does this episode have baby Jesus it also has the three wise men bringing gifts. Warning: I would recommend a box of tissues for this episode; it's not only funny, it's sentimental and a tear jerker!

Psych Drum roll please! This week's episode is the highly anticipated Twin Peaks episode and both Psych lovers and TwinPeaks lovers should unite and rejoice because not only is this week's episode a great tribute but also a great Gus-filled episode with lots of laughs.

Vampire Diaries Tyler and Caroline fans you are going to love this episode because the two of them are all over this week's episode and they are heading to a cave, a dark cave, all to themselves can anyone say romantic? Also it looks like their is a new moon this week which is promised to be a scary situation.

Is your favorite show not here? Let me know! E-mail me at [email protected] or tweet me @gossipbianca and ask me about your favorite television shows, I always have the gossip!

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