Spoiler Corner: Gossip Girl, PLL, Vampire Diaries, and more!

Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone dying? If your favorite couple getting engaged? Hook-ups? Break-ups? Well, here you will find the answers to your burning questions! Enjoy television lovers!

Gossip Girl New episodes air next monday and the scoop is good for this week's episode. Lily seems to have tried to sell Chuck's company behind his back, doesn't Lily know it's not exactly a good idea to try to trick the badass of the Upper East Side? Chuck is definitely not taking this laying down (he never does) and of course he will be retaliating oh and he has a new girl ... we will just have to tune in to see where that goes.

Grey's Anatomy After last week's shocker that Callie is preggo obviously Callie, Arizona, and Mark will be trying to get through this pregnancy together, my guess is that that attempt might have just a few complications. The first of which happens Thursday when Callie meets and absolutely hates her OB/GYN I'm sure this is just the start to a very intriguing pregnancy.

Modern Family This weeks episode is filled with hilarious run ins. First the Dunphy kids walk in on something a little compromising when trying to deliver a surprise breakfast in bed for Phil and Claire's anniversary, looks like they are the ones who are in for the real surprise. Of course Mitchell and Cameron are always trying to do the next fabulous thing and this week its coveting a table at the hottest new restaurant but they seem to never get exactly what they want, so let's see how this week goes.

Pretty Little Liars Good news for Team Ezra fans apparently it's time to meet the parents and not at a parent teacher conference. It looks like Mr. Fitz is going to be making a home visit to Aria's place and Ella (Aria's mom) might be a little hot for teacher too! Guess it runs in the family ... but really who could blame them?

Vampire Diaries New episodes start next thursday but for now I have some hot scoop. Sorry Tyler and Caroline fans it looks like the tension between these two supernaturals is just too much to handle and  they will be driven apart. I'm sure that with the end of one relationship a new one will blossom no worries TVD fans!

Is your favorite show not here? Let me know! E-mail me at [email protected] or tweet me @gossipbianca and ask me about your favorite television shows, I always have the gossip!

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