Steven Spielberg saves Halo … maybe

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[image-1] Spielberg is looking to produce the franchise for Dreamworks, a studio that has been on the hunt for a profitable franchise since losing the rights to Transformers. The Munich auteur is said to have loved a script written by Stuart Beattie based on 2001's Halo: The Fall of Reach graphic novel. (The script supposedly also ties in with the Halo storyline from the games.)

This is exciting news. If only this franchise can be different from every other game-to-movie adaptation. (Go ahead, I dare you to think of a good one.) With Hollywood's track record officially terrible, Spielberg has his capable hands full.

Halo has no release date yet, and it's likely to be some time before this project comes into focus. But let's speculate anyway! Who would you like to see hired on as director? Should Spielberg do it himself? More importantly, who will wear the Spartan armor of the Master Chief?

Halo is one of the biggest video-game franchises of all time. When Peter Jackson announced he would bring the beloved franchise to the big screen, geeks everywhere were transformed into little kids on Christmas Eve. Sadly, the holiday quickly morphed into a trick-filled Halloween as first Jackson's financing fell through, then Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro tried and failed to get the project off the ground. Hopes of ever seeing Master Chief at the multiplex were looking pretty grim. That is, until now, for Halo has a savior and Spielberg be thy name!

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