Tampa Bay lost to Cleveland, and that's not the worst of it

One of their best players was carted off the field in overtime.

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click to enlarge What’s sad about Tristan Wirfs going down is that he never should have been out there in overtime. - Photo via Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Photo via Tampa Bay Buccaneers
What’s sad about Tristan Wirfs going down is that he never should have been out there in overtime.
The Bucs lost twice on Sunday. Once to the Browns, and again when one of their best players was carted off the field in overtime.

What’s sad about the whole situation is that Tampa Bay’s All-Pro tackle Tristan Wirfs should never have been out there in overtime.

The Bucs could have settled this game in regulation. If the coaching staff was actually competent enough to call a timeout. If the offense didn’t manage a measly 17 points in regulation versus a team that was giving up nearly 27 points per game going into Sunday.

Instead, Tampa Bay’s uber-talented right tackle that was well on his way to another All-Pro and Pro-Bowl selection was carted off the field in overtime because his team couldn’t close the deal.

The Bucs lost to the Cleveland Browns 23-17 Sunday afternoon in a dreadful game where the Bucs reverted back to their old ways of being an inefficient football team. What’s more is that Tom Brady looked more and more like Drew Brees in his final season; unable to push the ball down the field, and scared to throw the ball more than five yards through the air.
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It was truly a waste of time and energy to invest into this team. Why did we bother anticipating this team being any more than a below-average team in the worst division in football? Sure, they’ll still likely win the NFC South by a wide margin, but does it even matter?

These Bucs can’t consistently put together an offensive game plan that works. Maybe it’s execution, maybe it’s the playcalling, maybe a bit of both. I think we’ve all moved past the point of trying to figure out whose fault it is, whether it’s Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles, Brady, the offensive line—whoever. It’s clearly everyone involved, and Tampa Bay should be ashamed of itself.

These guys are making millions of dollars to go out there and make a mockery of themselves. I would say they’re giving Buccaneer football a bad name, but the franchise that took two years to get a win should be used to it, right?

The “good news” for the Bucs is that the Falcons fell to the Washington Commanders Sunday, but the Panthers managed to take the Broncos down, making every team in the conference in contention for the division, despite the Panthers, Falcons and Saints throwing out Sam Darnold, Marcus Mariota and Andy Dalton as quarterbacks (respectively).

I understand that if you look at Brady’s statistics, he hasn’t been bad. It’s not all on him. He threw a pair of TDs and no picks Sunday. But as the leader of this team and as someone who holds the title of “GOAT,” he is absolutely going to be held to a different standard. That’s just how it is. And he’s failing to meet that standard right now.

It’s truly back to being a Bucs Life, and we might want to get used to it. The Browns have one of the worst statistical defenses in football, and the Bucs struggled to get anything going. This is clearly just who the Bucs are. They say when someone shows you their true nature, you should believe them.

Well, I believe.
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