Tampa may not be the answer for the Rays, but St. Pete clearly isn't

St Pete is predominantlytransplants and retirees who can't seem to grasp the irony that they're walking examples of the very criticism they give the area for not having a sense of community. You don't live in Boston. Lose the cap or move.

Will a stadium be built in Tampa? Only time and logistics will tell. But one thing is for certain. The St Pete project has run it's course. Move on.

Let's put a bow on the stadium "debate" once and for all. It's a reality I've tried to convey diplomatically to a group who simply refuses to see and I'm finished worrying about offending them.

Hey, St Pete. You failed. And you know it. The stadium sucks, the location sucks, and for baseball to survive in Tampa Bay it needs to get the hell out of the 727. The fact that you so quickly and easily blame Hillsborough county for the attendance issues reveals a brutal truth you're not aware you've admitted to: You can't support the team without us. The predictable knee-jerk reaction to the mere mention of a new stadium in Tampa shows an embarrassing and almost clinical hyper-insecurity issue, represented eloquently by Mayor Foster. Does he show love for the Rays? Desire? Compassion? Reason? Hell, no. It's, "You can't leave, we have a contract." Compelling argument, Mayor. Have you considered marriage counseling?

"Bitch, you can't leave Tiger. You have a contract."

It's never been personal, but St Pete managed to make it personal. It's math. It's money (which is also math). Tampa has more people. Tampa has more money. Tampa has more corporate sponsors. Tampa has more people that have lived in Tampa Bay longer than 3 years. And let's face it, Tampa has more than one bar to hang around in before the game.

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