Tampa viewers weigh in on new House of Cards season, now on Netflix

House of Cards season 3 drops on Netflix today. Here are some hopes and predictions from Tampa fans.

click to enlarge Tampa viewers weigh in on new House of Cards season, now on Netflix - NETFLIX
Tampa viewers weigh in on new House of Cards season, now on Netflix

House of Cards Season 3 drops today on Netflix, and yesterday illegally via some naughty people’s torrents.

Personally, I want some questions answered. Will Claire Underwood add any color to her wardrobe now that she’s the First lady? Will Frank come out of the bisexual closet? Will Jackie Sharp and Remy Danton team up in and out of bed and take out the Underwoods? Will Former President Garrett Walker get rid of the bags under his eyes and lay off the Xanax? Will Doug Stamper return from the dead creating a zombie apocalypse? What will Frank Underwood eat now, instead of Freddy’s ribs? Maybe John Favreau’s food truck from Chef will park outside of the oval office?

CL asked a few Tampa residents their predictions for this season and listed my own wishes as well.

“I think the treachery, lies and ruthlessness is going to get deeper and deeper. I think Claire is going to play a big part of any unraveling that happens. In a nutshell, this season is going to be ratched as hell.” —Durium Jones (WMNF’s DJ Deacon)

“Now that he is the President, I have no idea what could happen. I think the tiny glimmer of Claire's conscience will get to her and their murderous past will come back to haunt them.” —Catherine Preston

“Old habits die hard, even if you're Commander in Chief. Frank will continue to try and manipulate and whip Washington. But it's lonely at the top. And since I feel that Stamper is dead, Frank will have a hard time finding underlings he can trust. Remy, Jackie, Kern and a myriad of others are becoming keen to Frank's methods. Once you're at the top there is nowhere to go but down. I see hints of a darker secret from Frank's early years being revealed. I'm curious as to what role Meacham will play? Will Frank allow a threesome in the White House? I'm also hopeful for a little bit of Meta comedy with a Frank Underwood White House Correspondents' dinner! It's going to be interesting.”
—Amanda Brown

“Frank is barely reelected and with Tusk out of the way Remy comes back where the money is. But does he? Maybe he's just involved with the Hacker? Frank’s past with Stamper, Zoe and Rachel are obviously the strongest storyline. Then, Remy is involved with Jackie and she has her own agenda. Season three is going to get very interesting to watch the Underwoods weave their webs.” —Michelle Hauser McClure


Whatever you thoughts, predictions or hopes are, you will be able to find out yourself this weekend thanks to the binge-promoting Netflix, So grab some bottle water, order pizza and pull on some Depends because once the Underwoods lock you, in it’s almost impossible stop. (Ring bangs on desk twice.)

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