Television review: TBS's Glory Daze, Pilot episode (with video)

After one of the freshman gets stoned, he steals a painting of the Delta house’s patriarch and puts it in the hall of fame. This gets him and his friends arrested, but it  was such a great prank that the guys are accepted into the frat house.

If this all sounds clichéd, that’s because it is. Glory Daze has nearly every element of Animal House in the pilot, from the fraternity, to the hint of academic probation, to the wise-cracking wiseguy at the head of the house. It’s all here, along with some great ‘80s music and a good performance by Callard Harris as Mike Reno.

Despite the familiarity of the material, Glory Daze is still funny. The Pilot is fun and does well with a talented young cast. That said, I have no idea where they will go from here, as most of the Animal House gags are already used up. But it’s worth another episode or two to see what's in store for the freshman pledges and their new house.

I’m sure everyone has seen the movie Animal House by now, or at least one of the hundreds of imitators it spawned, like American Pie. Well, have you ever thought "Gee, that would make a sweet show, but they should do it in the ‘80s, when everything was cooler?’ If you have, then you should check out Glory Daze on TBS, starting Tues., Nov 16 at 8 p.m.

Glory Daze starts off by introducing a few freshman to the campus, each fitting a standard archetype perfectly. We have the Asian, the jock, the geek and the guy trying to get laid. After a really funny scene with Brad Garrett as a parent, the show establishes the school setting by introducing a hilarious professor played by Tim Meadows (SNL, Ladies Man). Fully ensconced in their collegiate setting, the freshman next try to find a fraternity to pledge. They come upon what might as well be the Delta house from Animal House, which includes a giant beer bong, people smoking pot, hot women and all around Tom Foolery.

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