Thanks, John Hughes, for getting me here in one piece

James Spader tried to redeem himself in later roles, but he will never shake the evil-asshole friend stench that has stuck with him since “P in P”. And I will never love anyone as much as I “heart” Jake Ryan.

[image-1]John Hughes gave us the fashions, the music and the catch phrases that shaped my generation.  When our parents and teachers did not understand us, John Hughes was our champion.  He showed us who we were, who our friends were and held up the mirror of intolerance and evil that is high school.  No one has done that like John Hughes. The phrase “defined a generation” is used a lot in reference to his movies.  He was able to create real characters and put his stereotypes in the best situations.  Think of Matthew Broderick in the parade in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (pictured).  Even now seeing Broderick or Ringwald in current footage, it’s shocking that Ferris and Claire have aged.  It means I have, too.  But when I put in my DVDs (and I own them all), I am forever a teenager, forever trying to fit in, forever rebelling against overbearing, insensitive adults, forever 16.

The best, cutest, coolest version of 16.

Thanks, John.

If Judy Blume got me through my pre-teen years (we didn’t call them ‘tweens back then), John Hughes got me to adulthood.  Hearing about his death as I stare down the double barrel of my 40th birthday reinforces the inevitable march of time.  I need no more deaths of 80s icons to remind me that my generation is slipping away into middle age.  The Ed Rooney generation.

In The Breakfast Club, I wanted to be Molly Ringwald (pictured), felt more like Ally Sheedy and realize now that I was Anthony Michael Hall. Pretty in Pink — I could quote it.  Annie Potts in her finest, John Cryer serenading his love long before Tom Cruise “Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’" and Andrew McCarthy. Andrew McCarthy. Andrew McCarthy.  “What about the prom, Blaine?  What aout the PROM?!”

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