The 16 most preposterous Christmas sweaters

2. Too Much Of A Bad Thing


Which is more humiliating: the sweaters, the hair  or the smiles? (Censor bars in this and subsequent photos added to shield sweater-wearers from public shaming.)

3. Why Cats Are Offensive


What's worse than a holiday sweater with cats? A holiday turtleneck sweater with cats.

4. Pimpin' Santa


It is impossible to look cool with Santa glued to your chest. Especially if you accessorize with a candy-striped scarf.

5. Vestal Virgin #1


No Christmas eyesore is complete without an accompanying vest.

6. Vestal Virgin #2


Nothing says “I’ve never had sex before” better than a vest adorned with poinsettias.

7. Twin set


At least they've got each other.

8. Hats off!


Why does the woman at left look so sad? Because she didn't remember to wear her "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt.

9. OMG, Tannenbaum!


This is what you wear when sex is no longer a priority.

10. Can This Marriage Be Saved?



11. Drop-Dead Pugly


This pug thought he’d been adopted by a loving family.

12. Santa Baby?


Or Santa Paws?

13. We Wish You a Merry Midriff


Someone appears to have gotten even fuller of himself.

14. Tag-Team Terror


How to scare your friends away at holiday parties.

15. Rudolph 3-D


Requires flashing lights and a beep to turn corners.

16. Fat Santa


Like a bowlful of jelly. Not.


Save yourself from humiliation: Burn all your holiday sweaters.

Or better yet, sell them on eBay. The going rate these days is between $12 and $16 bucks a pop, and you'd be in good company — there are more than 20,000 ugly Christmas sweaters for sale there now — so make sure yours is extra ugly.

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The joys of the holiday season are often counteracted by the ugliness of seasonal accoutrements. For every warm holiday cookie, there is an annoying gift fruitcake. For every wonderful present you get, there is another one you can’t possibly fathom using. And for everything else wonderful about the holiday season, there is the horror of the Christmas sweater.

As has become all too clear of late, hideous holiday sweaters are enjoying a resurgence in popularity; nearly 40,000 were listed on eBay in 2010 alone. Thanks to a variety of websites, some serious, some snarky (links listed at end of post), here are some of the ugliest sweaters you will ever see, both in and out of ugly sweater parties.

1. Evil Peekaboo Frosty

Frosty is either hiding (justifiably embarrassed) or waiting to pounce.

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