The biggest jerk in Bachelor history?

Nancie: This makes him look like the biggest jerk in bachelor history. There is no spinning this any other way.

Kels: People need to remember that relationship and feeling are randoms -- how perfectly did your love lives play out? Yes, hurting Melissa was shitty. And poor Molly, looking like someone punked her. But is it really worse than the others who just break up 3months after the show is over?

Jim Jessup: All I gotta say is tonight was the most entertaining TV I have ever seen. I could not believe this was happening in front of my eyes. It was so off the wall that you could not have scripted it. I could feel the tension coming through the TV set. If you want a hollywood a movie.

That being said I have very little respect for Jason now. That is probably the worst thing you could ever do to a girl and I'm no saint myself. For Molly's sake I hope he got it right because she certainly does not deserve to go through this again.

I think Chris is being honest. The nay sayers think that everyone is out to get them like the government and big bad ABC oh and the aliens!

But what do I know I'm just a dumb Canadian who is living in a loft apartment over a really big party!

Notsureaboutthisone.. Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 02:43 AM EST: I totally agree with the fact that it was really uncool of him to dumb Mel on camera but I was way more offended by all of his crying! Good lord! I wanted to slap my TV and tell him to pull it together, stop crying like a little beeyotch! Ugh!

LOVE IT!!  This was SO uncomfortable to watch - but so AWESOME at the same time - what a train wreck!!!!! Too good to be true!

sea : Jason is now the most hated man in America. it was HIS choice, he was not forced by ABC.

Docmom: Jason have you done any divorce care or personal therapy to gain insight on what your expectations may be for a lifelong marital partner?

Jay: Jason is an emotional drama queen...Melissa and Molly deserve better. No wonder his first wife left him, I feel sorry for TY to have a wimp like that for a dad.

k7u Tue, chris you SUCK!  JASON PLAYED ALONG AS WELL FOR THE $$$ YOU AND THE NETWORK paid him. Molly as well. While AMerica hates how your network aired the 'break up' ....Melissa knows she runs off with the golden ticket A) money to do it and B) The pitty everyone is "supposed" to feel for her. Your Pathic Chris and none of us believe you...after this show ends you will be remembered for doing the dirty work for your network and your job will be meaningless. oh, btw: good work on screwing up a 4 year old boys mind. Hope his biological Mother sues you all and WINS big!

Landon Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 02:59 AM EST: Thanks Chris for at least explaining from your point of view. The truth is: people on here are upset because we just watched a "real life" scenario take place. Most want to see a fairy tale...regardless of whether it is true or not. You gave us real life. People's comments on here are honestly far more embarrassing than Jason's change of heart and mind.

Haley G Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 03:06 AM EST: I think there should be an ATFR 3, where Molly dumps Jason for Melissa. That'd teach him.


a family from Kirkland Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 03:09 AM EST: Ironically, the ending of this show was the only thing that was ever AMAZING. The fact that Jason was flattered by the attention of 25 women was not amazing. The fact that they went on extravigant dates and exotic trips was not amazing. The fact that he had "feelings" for more than one of the women was not amazing. Even Jason developing an inflated sense of self-importance and the need to "follow his heart" was not amazing. This show breeds narcissism, and we don't entirely fault him for that. What is amazing is that we live in a culture where his behavior is deemed okay, that a man is not expected to keep his word and that his feelings are more powerful than his own will.

Something odd happened in Reality TV-Land last night: reality. Or at least it sure looked like reality, or what passes for it on ABC's weepfest The Bachelor. Hunky Jason Mesnick (pictured) permanently forsook his nice-guy status by reneging on Melissa, his first choice to be Mrs. Mesnick, in favor of Molly, his #2 — and doing it all after he'd just been seen proposing to Melissa on national TV. Was he put up to it? Did he know all along that he was going to dump #1? The unaccountably obsessed rumor-monger Reality Steve swears it was all a plot (ABC knew Mesnick wanted Molly more, but convinced him to string Melissa along and then announce his real preference), but Melissa's anger and Molly's shock looked real.

Whatever happened behind the scenes, the online comments in response to host Chris Harrison's blog on make for glorious reading. Jason and ABC get all kinds of opprobrium heaped on them, Melissa is accorded martyr status, and fans make classically WTF statements like this one:

"...we don't want to see a lovely woman humiliated on television"

We don't? Isn't that the whole reason people watch this show?

More comments from Harrison's blog after the jump:

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