The Laugh Tract — Who's Bringing the Funny

A rare visit from John Waters tops the list of Tampa Bay entertainment options this week.

This is a good week to laugh.

Technically, every week is a good week to laugh, right? But this week is especially good. Not only is there a lot of variety on stages, but they have a full schedule. Next week will be a different story, with Christmas meaning more family and less funny (depending on your family, of course).

So find a show this week and enjoy some laughs. Here's the lineup:

Theaters and Special Events

John Waters at The Capitol Theatre. OK, maybe this isn't like the other stand-up acts, but it's bound to be as funny as most shows you'll see this weekend. As a filmmaker, Waters is known as the Pope of Trash, mainly for his infamous "Trash Trilogy." You either know these films or you don't.
What you should know is that Waters is an engaging speaker, colorful and funny, unapologetic and completely comfortable with his place in film history. If you're known as the "weird one" in your circle of friends, you probably have tickets for this Christmas-themed event already. If not, get them now.
Showtime is Wednesday at 8 p.m. $35-$45. 405 Cleveland St., Clearwater. Info: or 727-791-7400.