The Scenestress' Super Bowl party report, cont'd: LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx and more evidence white men can't dance (photos)

I take my leave of the Bud Light Hotel before I need to blame it on the alcohol to prepare for the reason we're all really here: Super Bowl Sunday...

With two nights of celebrity parties under my belt it's a bit tough to rally for more on Saturday, but I somehow manage to get dressed and get my ass to Mansion for the CBS party where LL Cool J is performing for an intimate crowd. Let me just say one thing: white people can't dance. And these middle-aged CBS execs are so very white! LL takes it in stride though, putting on a great show with hits from "Going back to Cali," to the ever popular "Doin' it" and newer joints like "Headsprung." I also find myself wondering if he's been put up to saying the phrase "CBS" a certain number of times, but hey, the network just gave him his own show, so I think he's cool.

I can't wait to get back over to the Bud Light Hotel, though, where Usher and Jamie Foxx are scheduled to take the stage. All over the party people are shakin' it — surely a by-product of Usher's performance (which I missed while I was watching LL). Mr. Foxx soon emerges from the crowd with a microphone and acts as MC, knocking back Bud Light Limes and informing the crowd that he is going to take a lady home with him tonight. I imagine he'll have no trouble finding one as a very leggy girl and a bootylicious babe jostle to get closer to the star. When the DJ puts on "Blame It," we all go crazy and Foxx and his boys do a little synchronized two-step (as opposed to any actual singing). Photos after the jump!

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