The Spirit

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Comic fans continue to debate the merits of Frank Miller's The Spirit, which arrived in a Blu-ray and two-disc DVD package on April 14. They say you never want to follow in the footsteps of a legend, and The Spirit largely proves this point by failing to live up to its predecessor, the much-beloved Sin City. Of course, Sin City had Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino on board, and reveled in darker material and the R rating to go with it. (The kinder/gentler Spirit somehow squeaked out a PG-13 despite violence galore.) But forget the story for a second — as a show-off disc for your hot new home theater set-up, The Spirit is a winner. The films sharp visuals and crisp sound are perfect for basking in the glow of that new 1080P monster you just installed in the family room. Special features include Frank Miller talking about the film on a commentary track and about his work in a "Miller on Miller" segment, Samuel L. Jackson adding his mothafucking voice to a storyboarded alternate ending, and the de rigueur bonus of the moment — a digital copy of the film for use with iTunes or Windows.

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