The Top 10 comic book mothers

[image-1]9. MYSTIQUE

Like Talia, Mystique's always wanted the best for her children: so long as it was in her best interest.

The shape-shifting X-Villainous is foster mother to X-Man Rogue and biological mother to the X-Man Nightcrawler (R.I.P.) and villain Graydon Creed, whom she assassinated. But in her defense, Creed was an anti-mutant bigot who threatened not only her, not only her other children, but all of mutantkind.

She had to stop him. What if he'd caused her to never have grandchildren?



Not all mothers have given birth -- and considering how many "children" Barbara Gordon has, that's probably a good thing.

After The Joker left her in a wheelchair, the former Batgirl became Oracle, the woman behind the scenes for all those in the Bat-family.  She's always a commlink away, there to route missions and provide intel -- and her social networking skills make Facebook look like Pong.

More than a social networker, she's a "mother" to every Tim, Dick and Dinah who need her. (Well, maybe not for Dick Grayson -- they're in love, so that'd be a little weird.)

[image-3]7. ARACHNE

After Julia Carpenter joined a top secret government agency and obtained superpowers for a paycheck, she wasn't going to work at Hallmark. And being a single mother is expensive.

Thankfully The Avengers pay well.

Be it as the second Spider-Woman or current Omega Flight member Arachne, Carpenter's love for her daughter has never wavered.

[image-4]6. JEAN GREY

Imagine that you've returned from the dead to find the man you love has not only married your clone -- but he's had a baby with her. Awkward.

But not for Jean Grey. She and her man would eventually get back together, and after the baby was infected with the Techno-Organic virus and sent into the future (a booster shot just wouldn't have done the job), she helped protect and raise him there for years.

Some mothers only move for better school districts.

[image-5]5. JESSICA JONES

During Marvel's Secret Invasion, Jessica Jones had a difficult decision to make. She and her Avenger husband Luke Cage had been in hiding after choosing not to register as superheroes following Civil War, but when their base was compromised, it wasn't only she and her husband in danger. It was her baby.

Jones left Cage, daughter in tow, and took asylum with the enemy.

(But don't worry, everything worked out fine: the family's reunited and she's about to become an Avenger herself.)

[image-6]4. WITCHBLADE

Sara Pezzini was protecting innocents as a police officer long before The Witchblade, a sentient weapon, chose her as its wielder. Their union resulted in years of sexy pin-ups and shredded dresses, proving The Witchblade was out to please horny geeks worldwide.

After a period of abstinence, Pezzini discovered she was pregnant -- whoops -- and while she wasn't sure she could be a mother, she was sure The Witchblade couldn't.

Maternity leave from the force wasn't her only concern, and Sara decided to surrender the weapon to another, keeping her baby and not looking back.

Until she became The Witchblade again. But now she's doing it all: with a baby to feed. She even got her body back. (Pilates?)



Mary Parker's golden years haven't exactly been a websling through the park. With Peter Parker as her adopted son and nephew, she's been abducted, impersonated and even engaged to Dr. Octopus.

And all that was before she realized Parker was Spider-Man.

Afterward, she was shot. Rough deal. But whatever she did raising Peter, she did it right: in order to save her life, Spider-Man traded his marriage to supermodel Mary Jane Watson in a deal with the devil.



She may be invisible, but she's never been an absent mother.

Sue Storm Richards been the heart of Marvel's premiere family, The Fantastic Four, since its initial mission. Her role as a mother has been anything but conventional, and she even lost her second child due to the radiation that gave her her powers.

But her first born used his powers to save her second, sending his sister into the future to save her. (It's a Marvel thing.) She eventually returned and Susan was reimpregnated with the child, and now happily raises Franklin and Valeria side by side as she'd always hoped. It's nothing short of fantastic.

[image-9]1. CATWOMAN

It may be debatable, but Selina Kyle made a tougher decision than any of the mothers on the list. When her secret identity as gray-area hero Catwoman was discovered and her baby's life was endangered, she chose to give up her daughter.

Because let's be honest: hanging up the tights won't keep the supervillains at bay.

She placed the young Helena up for adoption, and even enlisted the help of Zatanna to erase all memories of her daughter: which she won't do. Selina Kyle has to live with the loss of her daughter every day -- but knows that somewhere out there, she's safe. She may have nine lives, but her daughter only had one.

Like superheroes, mothers aren't always appreciated. But their hard work, both on and off the panel, is always seen in one way or another.

And Mom, your card's in the mail.

Mothers are a lot like superheroes.

They protect us nine months before anyone else even sees us. They make sure we have everything we need — and if they can, everything we want — and as we get get older, we realize they even have secret identities.

They're people.

And while Mother's Day 2010 may be just behind us, in true "the card's in the mail, Mom" fashion, I present:



No one made Talia Al Ghul hop into the Bat-sack with Bruce Wayne, so why she was surprised that her son would don a cape himself is anybody's guess.

She may never win Mother of the Year, but Talia Al Ghul loves her son. Not for what he is — the current Robin (because in her words, she's too much of a perfectionist), but for what he could have become: the world's deadliest assassin.

And yes, she's cloned him to try and raise him sans-superheroics. And yes, she replaced his fractured spine with technology that allowed her to physically control him in an attempt to murder Batman.

But she just wants the best for her baby boy, right? What mother doesn't?


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