The TV screen in '13: What to watch

The shows to forward to on television this year.

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The world of TV wasn't as consistently brilliant in 2012 as it was in 2011 but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to look forward to in 2013 ...

Here are the Top 10 Things I’d like to see/am most excited for on TV in 2013:

1. How Breaking Bad wraps up its final eight episodes

Walter White’s journey from high school chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord comes to
an end.

2. How Mad Men deals with Peggy leaving the agency

How will the show function without Don Draper’s right-hand woman working for a competitor?

3. “The Following” — Kevin Bacon’s first foray into television

This drama premiering in January on FOX stars Bacon as an FBI agent who is
hunting down a serial killer.

4. Boyd Crowder's extended monologues on Justified

Walton Goggins’ performance as the charismatic con-man is beginning to eclipse his
work as Shane Vendrell on “The Shield”.

5. How I Met Your Mother mercifully coming to an end

The show has yet to be picked up for a ninth season and has been dragging its heels
for some time now.

6. A Parks and Recreation renewal for season 6

It’s the best and most consistently funny comedy on television but lacks the ratings of
some of its competitors.

7. More 30 for 30 documentaries from ESPN

ESPN’s award winning series has produced some of the best documentaries, on film
or television, over the last three years.

8. The continued evolution of Michonne on The Walking Dead

The katana-wielding bad-ass is underused and barely spoke in the series’ much
improved third season.

9. Schmidt continuing to fill up the douchebag jar on New Girl

The funniest character on television’s second best comedy continually cracks up
audiences with his smug sense of humor.

10. The likely final season of the excellent Community

This hilarious and critically adored comedy has had issues attracting audiences for
each of its three previous seasons.

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