Theater Review: GoodVibes' "Odyssey" to the center of your multiverse

Whoa. That was intense.

If you missed the GoodVibes Production of “You Are More Than You Know: A Celestial Odyssey” (or should I say ODDyssey?) this past weekend at The Studio @620, you really missed…something.

The attempt was noble, I’ll give them that. Their website ( describes the production thusly:

“Have you heard the news? This is not the only Earth, ours is not the only universe, and you are not the only you! Leading scientists now describe ‘the multiverse’ as a collection of universes containing a series of ‘parallel worlds’ where every conceivable version of every Earth event — past, present or future — happens somewhere, and alternate versions of you experience every possible version of your life!

"This special multimedia event presents these concepts in an entertaining format through stunning celestial video images, animation, live music and audience participation. Take a trip with ‘The GoodVibes’ into the mind-bending possibilities of a new millennium awakening to a new wisdom. Explore the far reaches of the multidimensional realities where time and space have no meaning, where everything happens at once, and where the future you dream of already exists!”

OK, so it sounds a little weird, but not so, so, (so) weird, right? It sounds like maybe if you were a little gullible, and went into it thinking you were going to be ‘awakened to a new wisdom,’ and wanted to buy into something a little kooky, you might just get what you paid for.

But wait. You’re about to slip into a parallel world.

It began with a half-baked crash course in string theory, peppered with a glossy reference to the Theory of Relativity, followed by some acid flashback imagery, all the while supported (or distracted) by self-produced videography of previous GoodVibes productions interspersed with Dr. GoodVibes, himself, and his two female cohorts (Madame GoodVibes and Stella GoodVibes) dressed in an array of Party Store costumes. Accessorizing his flowing, white, wizard robe were Dr. GoodVibeses' Gold Toe Socks, which he wore sans shoes throughout most of the performance. Did I mention the Mardi Gras masks? They were there. There were also wind chimes. And 12 developmentally disabled people sitting in the audience. When the GoodVibers sang “GoodVibes Boogie” and “Dream Out Of Your Body," among others of their original songs, the developmentally disabled folk got up and danced.

During the intermission (oh, wait...they skipped that), almost every other member of the audience exited through the front door. Shortly afterward, one fleeing audience member was overheard saying, "That was the strangest thing I have ever seen at the Studio, and possibly one of the strangest things I've ever seen anywhere."

If you're looking to be entertained for all the wrong reasons, the GoodVibeses' next two performances will be at the Conmy Center in Dunedin on January 30th, and the Pinellas Park Auditorium on February 20th. Tickets are available through the GoodVibes website, as well as the 66-minute “You Are More Than You Know” DVD, for $9.95. All major credit cards accepted.


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