TV Recap: Project Runway baby mama episode — These models look kinda fat

Flirt Alert!!!:  Mitchell and Ra'mon sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (not yet, but it's totally gonna happen). Thank God; after five seasons we need a little love.

Now, onto the runway!

[image-1][image-2]This week, the judges and I were on very different pages. Maybe because I have never had something the size of a watermelon protruding from my belly, maybe because my DVR has forsaken me and I am all discombobulated now. Either way, I can't stand Louise's dress which the judges loved (pictured left). It's lingerie, it's weird, it's too satiny and shiny and lacy and yeah, all that.

I'm not totally anti-Heidi this week, as I also love Althea's pregnancy gown (pictured right), despite the obvious fact that pregnant boobs will never fit into it. Minor details. Little miss Jessica Simpson look-a-like did good tonight — I may start to respect her soon … maybe.

Also in agreement with the judges, my least fave of the night has to have been Malvin. I thought I would love him. I thought we would have something special. I thought maybe he was my next Christian Siriano. Instead, we got a pre-natal Baby Sling and freaky feathers (pictured below). Unacceptable.


My biggest issue with this whole debacle of a judging was the winner. I can't believe Shirin won! (Dress pictured below.) Clearly something did not translate from that runway to my television. Good execution or not, that fabric made it look like a Sears special. Am I right? Ridiculous, this is crap. Where is Michael Kors? He would not be having this.


I don't see a clear all-around winner in this crowd just yet, but one thing is certain: There is a whole lot of mediocrity among these designers. Step it up people! I want to see more sparkles, yelling, fabric stealing and name-calling. That is what this show is really about.


Designers remaining: 14

Cry count: 3 (I cannot believe no one cried in the pregnant-lady episode, unless I missed it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong …)

Complete emotional breakdown: .5

Use of the word “Fierce”: 0

Check out all the looks on’s Rate the Runway.

P.S. Next week is a team challenge and it looks fabulous and drama-filled. Prediction: One emotional breakdown and at least two cries.

Let me begin by saying that, for maybe the third time in our relationship, my DVR let me down. How can we have plans every Thursday at 10 and yet it fails me the one time I don't turn on my TV until 10:10pm?! I do not understand it, you have one job in life Mr. DVR. One! That said, I join you 10 minutes into this weeks episode of Project Runway. From what I have gathered, Rebecca Romijn is there, she is "with child" as they say in the Bible, and she wants a snazzy new look to flatter the large lump in her stomach that holds what is guaranteed to be a gorgeous set of twins.

The work room is kind of a hot mess this week, and not just because of those hormones. (Get it? Cuz they are making clothes for pregnant ladies!) Mitchell is throwing around shorts fit for the fat lady at the state fair as opposed to a fake-pregnant model, and Malvin has opted to wrap his belly in … gauze? I guess that's convenient if the woman suddenly goes into labor, but that's also real gross. Speaking of Malvin (who sounds oddly similar to Michael Jackson) … did you catch that look of death he gave Tim Gunn!? If Tim ends up dead in Brooklyn, beaten to death by hipster scarves, I think we all know who to blame.

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