TV review: Psych Season 4, Episode 3 "High Noon-ish"

The setup is simple: Detective Lassiter needs to help an old friend but is out of his jurisdiction, so he calls on Shawn and Gus to find out what's happening at the struggling old west attraction. As Shawn and Gus start snooping around, they find everyone is a suspect and even Lassiter doesn't know who to trust.

Some parts of "High Noon-ish" are funny, like Shawn dressed up as an old west gunfighter and the "forced" authentic Western dialogue. We also find out a little more about Lassiter's past and what makes him tick, which I found quite interesting. I also thought that when Lassiter asked Shawn and Gus to help, it shows that, despite him being a bit of a d-bag, he does have some respect for them.

While "High Noon-ish" had it's "high" points, the show also dragged a bit. (And why so little of Shawn and Juliette?) I also thought the ‘80's references were too few and far between, and the murder mystery was clichéd when revealed. The worst part about the mystery was that there was no big reveal by the hero, and really no psychic episodes.

[image-1]Overall, "High Noon-ish" was rather average in a season that has been rather average. I still love this show, and think it is one of the best on TV, but I know they can do better.

Next week, Shawn and Gus investigate an exorcism at a catholic school. Tune in here next week: same Psych time, same Psych channel.

Howdy partners. Welcome to my third review of Psych, this week's episode entitled "High Noon-ish." In the latest installment, Shawn and Gus help Lassiter find out who is sabotaging an old west attraction called Old Sanora. Let's take a look and see if Psych is getting back to its roots and finding its footing in season four.

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