[VIDEO] Poltergeist remake has official trailer, and it doesn't suck

Yup — the clown is back, along with Sams Rockwell and Raimi.

Listen: Hollywood isn't retroactively ruining your childhood. It's so cute, the way you think Hollywood knows or cares about your existence! Aw.

No, Hollywood doesn't care about you; all Hollywood cares about is your sweet, sweet money, and what earned it before might earn it again. Poltergeist earned many, many 1982 dollars, so why not try to get just as many 2015 dollars, which are worth so very much more? And this version doesn't look half bad, though to be fair, trailers lie often and well. But with Sam Rockwell, Roisemarie DeWitt and Jared Harris among the cast, as well as a production credit for Sam Raimi, it's worth a look-see. Click through for it.

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