Your weekend: Accidentally Indiana

Saturday's winning at weekending.

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click to enlarge THAT INDY SPIRIT: Go ahead, make whatever joke you need. - Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures
THAT INDY SPIRIT: Go ahead, make whatever joke you need.

So everybody has that one friend, right? That one friend who does this "thing" that you all know she or he has, and it's their... well, it's their thing

I am that one friend, y'all. I am the friend who will — and we're totally hypothetically speaking — book a hotel in Kentucky without realizing it's, you know, actually in Indiana. 

It's cool. Because I know the bigger question, really, is, why the hell are you going to Kentucky, anyway, Salustri?

Well, joke's on you, Loafers: I'm not. I'm going to Indiana.

click to enlarge St. Pete Shuffle needs you. And you need it. - ST. PETE SHUFFLE
St. Pete Shuffle needs you. And you need it.
But enough about me. And Indiana. Let's talk about the weekend that's happening right here, in the good ol' US o' Florida. And we'll start with Friday night, because while I'm at home trying to figure out what to pack for Kentucky Indiana, you'll be shuffling at St. Pete Shuffle's Shuffle Fool's Day, with music from the Lounge Cats, food from the Latin Lunch Box, drinks, and, you know, shuffleboard. Because it's wicked warm out there, y'all, and you need a frosty beverage to keep you cool while you're pushing the discs. 

After shuffleboard, you're going to be hungry. I say this because I am almost always hungry. And the 'Burg doesn't want you to be hungry, which is why you should totally head to Stillwaters Tavern where I have no idea if they will have their spumoni petit fours on the menu, but I hope for your sake, they do. Fun Fact: They don't have spumoni in Indiana. Or so I've heard.

There's also an awesome art thang happening Tampa-side (which is also not Kentucky, but much cooler) Friday, and it's all things GASP!. Think of it as Gasparilla meets art, because, uh, that's sortakinda what it is, and if you aren't there (there being the Tampa Museum of Art) you aren't there, you know? Here at CL, our own Dubya (uh, David W., no relation) is the man behind the curtain — except he's in front of the curtain, sort of, because he's the magic-maker here — and it's really kind of an "anything can happen" sort of thing, and you totally need to be there.

Onto Saturday, where I'll be somewhere near Kentucky (ish) and you wont. You can, however, do these things:

Saturday morning, be one of the first to arrive at the Eckerd College Nautical Flea Market (because you know you want to make outdoor crab trap art). Get there at 9 a.m. (or before!) if you want the good stuff. After that, head to the Saint Somewhere saison celebration at the Ale and the Witch. Fun Fact: I'm having an emotional affair with Saint Somewhere's Saison Athene,which I call their "roasted chicken dinner beer" because they make it with rosemary and it tastes like Sunday night family goodness (without the fights about when you're going to settle down).

Also Saturday: The Roser Park tour of homes, which combines a peek into the spectacularly renovated homes lining Booker Creek with a glute workout (we have hills in Florida. Don't believe me? Walk Roser Park sometime).

GIFF happens this weekend, too — and I think you should be at all the movies, but you can't be, because you have to do all the other things. Two things you should definitely not miss are the brilliantly-done, touching Dooder & the Lighthouse (Saturday night), which takes a... tall... topic and injects a lot of heart, and The Truth About Lies  (also on Saturday night) plays to the fear we all have: moving back in with mom after our lives fall wholly and completely apart.

Also on Saturday night: Duran Duran. I don't like to brag or anything, but I share a wall with Leilani Polk, who talked to Simon-motherfucking-Le Bon on the phone about Duran Duran's The Paper Gods Tour.

So, Saturday's full up. I don't see how you can possibly do all the things. Let's move on to Sunday, where you should take it easy, OK? It's the Walking Dead finale on AMC, and I'm trying really hard not to make a joke about Indiana here. So, curl up with a great bottle of wine, tune into the TV, and recover from Saturday.

If you need me, drop me a line. I'll be Indiana. Apparently.

Cathy Salustri is the Arts & Entertainment editor for Creative Loafing. She spends her weeks searching for the best things to do in Tampa Bay and the best stories to tell. She's not really sure why she's going to Indiana. For more updates, follow Creative Loafing's A&E Twitter. For more of Cathy's misadventures, follow her on Facebook

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