Best Of 2005

BEST CAFÉ CON LECHE: West Tampa Sandwich Shop

In a town full of places that serve good Cuban coffee with milk, the West Tampa Sandwich Shop stands out. Sure, the café con leche here is good — the milk steamed just right, the espresso roast strong enough to stand up to it. But the regulars here take their dose of Latinized caffeine with a side of politics. Dunking your Cuban toast here over the years would have been accompanied by visits from John Kerry, Bob Graham, Tipper Gore, Jim Davis or any of myriad Democrats running for public office over the years who have made stopping at the West Tampa café a must-schedule event. There’s not much bipartisanship here: The shop lost its resident Republican, Fred Barksdale, who passed away this year. 3904 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa, 813-873-7104.