Best Of 2005


So you’re jonesin’ for some honey; some homemade, natural, finger-lickin’-good honey. But you don’t want to go to the overpriced natural food store, and shopping in that minuscule organic section at Kash ‘N Karry is just too embarrassing. Don’t worry, Marion Lambert’s got your fix. Lambert’s four-acre bee farm in South Tampa is alone worth the visit — it’s not every day you see someone livin’ it up agrarian style in a major metropolis. But even if he’s not home, you can still pick up a jar from the stand outside the gate. Prices range from $10 to $125 for both types: orange blossom and wildflower. Just remember to slip your cash through the slot — karma can be a bitch. 6101 Second St. S., Tampa, 813-839-5153,