Best Of 2005

BEST FREE INTERNET HOTSPOT: St. Pete’s Finest Coffee House

The sign in the window reads “the Internet Hot Spot,” and St. Pete’s Finest certainly fits the bill. A robust wireless network will have you flying through cyberspace in seconds. Just crack open the laptop and go. It’s that simple. Not yet a technological road warrior? Not to worry. St. Pete’s Finest also has computers on hand at no charge for customers. The shop, in a small storefront on MLK, is cozy, stocked with quality kitsch (doors for tables; a pig standing guard at the Planet rack), and serves all the usual coffee shop staples. It’s sort of like your living room, only cooler, with better food and Internet access. Why stay home? 689 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Petersburg, 727-898-8777.