Best Of 2005

BEST SEX SHOP: Thee Love Shack

Tampa is an adult entertainment mecca, so it can sometimes be difficult deciding where to go. To make things easier on your poor, sex-starved mind, we recommend Thee Love Shack, located in one of the many grungy, nondescript buildings of Drew Park. You can find virtually any sex-related product: life-size dolls (and not just the blow-up sort); an entire “Anal” wall with beads, plugs and special baby vibrators for beginners; magazines and publications like Florida Fetish Forum and Swinging Times; DVDs and videos, both for rent and for sale; bondage equipment, dildos in all shapes, sizes and colors, rubber vaginas, cock rings and penis pumps; and much, much more. With its lingering scent of cigarettes and bodily fluids, and a collection of private viewing booths (for singles and couples), the shack should leave you feeling thoroughly cheap and degraded, which always denotes a successful sex shopping experience. 3910 W. Osborne Ave., Tampa, 813-874-6833.