Best Of 2005

BEST SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS: KidsMakeMovies Summer Camp

As if we needed another reason to love Tampa Theatre, now there’s the historic movie palace’s summer camp, which teaches local kids a little history and a few skills that will serve them better than basket-weaving ever could. From storyboarding to editing, KidsMakeMovies teaches budding filmmakers the gist of movie magic, putting them in groups to create roughly five-minute shorts in the space of a week. Family and friends gathered at the theater last July 23 for the KidsMakeMovies Film Festival, cheering on their favorite budding DeMille or Hitchcock. Thanks, Tampa Theatre, for saving at least a few kids from becoming summertime video-game drones. 711 Franklin St., Tampa, 813-274-8286, For next summer’s schedule and prices, contact Tara Schroeder at [email protected]