Best Of 2005

BEST VETO: Jeb Bush nixes the Road Rage Reduction Act

Has this happened to you? You’re driving the speed limit in the far-left lane on the highway when a big-ass pickup truck pulls up inches from your bumper and tries to bully you out of the way. You’re going 57; the pickup driver wants to go 77, and perhaps proceeds to flash the headlights and flip you the bird. The Road Rage Reduction Act wanted to make it incumbent on you to move over — and risk being ticketed if you didn’t. After all, your dilly-dallying at the speed limit might get the pickup driver all raged out and then cause havoc in the other lanes. How dumb is that? The Florida Legislature thought the idea whip-smart, passing the bill overwhelmingly in both chambers. But the guv stepped in and wiped it out. Good work. Maybe law enforcement, which supported the bill, should concentrate on busting those tailgating maniacs and not the law-abiding folks who can’t get out of the way.