Best Of 2006

Best Club: Eclectic Pop Mix: Czar

Did the Russkies ever have a nightclub as eclectic, funky and fresh as this one? The décor at Czar (note the hammer-and-sickle motif) definitely sets the mood for dance revolutionists and libation intake (Russian vodka, of course). This is the headquarters for art stars, musicians, DJs and just generally hip folk. One minute you’re dancing to Le Tigre, next The Ramones, then The Wu-Tang Clan or Fela Kuti, maybe Depeche Mode or a Top 10 hit from the ’80s, a Top 10 hit from the ’90s or maybe some dub and kinky reggae. Wherever your music and dancing pleasure lie, you’ll surely be fulfilled by the variety of DJs and whirlwind of sounds — and sights.