Best Of 2006

Best Local Music Scene Stalwart: Martin Rice

Martin Rice (Photo by Carrie Waite)

He started in the early ’90s with Smashmouth (which predated the hitmaking band of the same name), then made big waves mid-to-late decade with Joe Popp. The bassist/vocalist has been in countless bands, often several at once. Sparky’s Nightmare had a nice run, and his current, sublimely named Weapons of Ass Destruction will tear you up and leave your ears ringing. Along the way, Martin has subbed for many a bassist, backed artists with virtually no notice, and played a pivotal role in organizing the “Incidents,” some of the best multi-band local bills the area has ever seen. But beyond that, he’s just a damn fine human, with a quick smile, an engaging sense of self-deprecation and a genuine propensity for sharing. He’s always been a scene supporter, even in dark days. A solid musician, a great guy.

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