Best Of 2006

Best Reason to Ask Questions and Demand Answers: Ybor City Noise Ordinance Enforcement

How many Seventh Avenue establishments have been metered? How many have been cited? Have any been metered or cited as often as Eighth Avenue’s New World Brewery? Is it easier to single out an establishment for specific metering on the more sparsely noisy/populated Eighth Avenue? (Of course it is.) Have certain Tampa Police officers stated that their disdain for the metering duty motivates them to look for an establishment of which to make an example? (One reportedly has.) Does one unfortunately located business — I’m looking at you, Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn — have the right, or the juice, to put the kibosh on a city block’s worth of thriving musical culture? Will the implementation of Ybor’s noise ordinance influence the suppression that will inevitably follow condos onto Central Avenue in St. Pete?