Best Of 2006

Best Place to Feel Like a Tourist: John's Pass Village and Boardwalk

For those who desire the super-happy kitschy Florida experience, all roads (and waterways) lead to John’s Pass, a magical land of souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, dolphin sightings and boat cruises. Even if you’re a native, once you enter John’s Pass, you’ll feel like a tourist being catered to by a 1950s Florida Chamber of Commerce. Sand dollars, pookah shells and postcards featuring bikini-clad babes are just some of the items for sale, not to mention the T-shirts and drink coozies emblazoned with tacky phrases that you don’t find anywhere else except on T-shirts and drink coozies. Dining options abound, from the fish joints to the fine pizza at Delosa’s. After you’ve walked off dinner, stroll over to one of the ice cream shops for a cool treat to end the evening.