Best Of 2006

Best Place to Get Beaten By Your Lady at Pool: Central Billiards

Cecilia, a player at Central Billiards (Photo by Valerie Troyano)

Ladies play free every Wednesday night at this relatively new downtown St. Pete adult-recreation emporium, so you’ll be able to afford plenty of time on the table to mount a comeback after her slop shots and your scratching on the 8-ball result in a four-game lead for her. And when the frustration becomes insurmountable, just challenge her to a game of air hockey or beer pong instead, or pound on the coin-operated punching bag for a while. On second thought, better not do that — she might register a higher score than you. Just go back to the bar and get another beer, then chalk up again and try to get a run going off of your usual shitty break. 670 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, 727-553-9212.