Best Of 2006

Best Win-Your-Dinner: Team Trivia at Ferg's

St. Pete sports bar Ferg’s shadow-of-the-dome location has made it a cherished refuge for sports fans since before the Rays began their eternal losing streak. Beaten-down baseball fans have long staggered in after a game and feasted on Ferg’s tasty burgers, wings, sandwiches and fish spread. On Monday nights, the bar lets you get in on the winning and losing by hosting a free team trivia contest. Bay area braniacs team up and answer questions on standard quiz topics (you know: sports, movies, history, music). There’s more than pride on the line: First place gets 30 Ferg dollars, second gets 20 and third gets 10 (plus the winners get assorted bad hats and T-shirts). If you’re going to test your knowledge, may we offer two good pieces of advice: 1. Bring a friend who knows geography, and 2. It pays to know your Atlanta history, as the questions come from a company based there. Monday nights at 7:30 p.m.