Best Of 2006

Best Ice Cream: Tanya & Matt’s Ice Creamiest

This ice cream parlor has been scooping its way into the hearts of Bay area folks since the early ’90s, when owners Tanya and Matt Walsh first set up shop in a busy Carrollwood strip mall. With success and a few years, the couple’s business has expanded to include a location in the Westshore Plaza food court, so South Tampans don’t have to drive a half-hour to enjoy a taste of the creamiest, most delicious homemade ice cream in town. From the more popular flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Coconut Cream and Swiss Chocolate Almond, to decadent choices ranging from Coffee Liqueur Crunch to Peanut Butter Blast, each velvety indulgence is made fresh within the shop. For those attempting to watch their waistlines and with the willpower to resist the more enticing treats, there’s no fat/no sugar alternatives and gourmet low-fat frozen yogurt.