Best Of 2006

Best Dentist: Sebastian J. Castellano, D.D.S., P.A.

Let’s face it: Nobody likes to go to the dentist. It’s uncomfortable, expensive and one office visit can leave you a drooling, mumbling fool. Fortunately for your mouth, there are dental practices like the one run by Dr. Sebastian J. Castellano. Family owned and operated (that’s Dr. Castellano’s wife behind the desk), these folks know how to keep a patient comfortable. A CL staffer went to Dr. Castellano for a series of cleanings, including one multi-visit extravaganza that involved deep ultrasonic cleaning of different quadrants of the mouth, all of which was completed with a minimum of pain and without any injections at all. (The good doctor preferred a numbing gel for the procedure.) Low pain and no needle? Chew on that for a moment. Dr. Sebastian J. Castellano, D.D.S., P.A., 302 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa, 813-878-0300.