Best Of 2006

Best Ethical Repair Shop: Gulfport Transmission

Owner Ed Buckinger (Photo by Alex Pickett)

Those of us with limited auto repair experience and a healthy distrust of all mechanics know it’s hard to find a good repair shop. Almost everyone has suffered a hit in the pocketbook after a mechanic has taken advantage of our ignorance or desperation. That’s why it’s so important there are people like Ed Buckinger. For the last 18 years, the owner and chief mechanic of Gulfport Transmission has offered honest service at a reasonable price. He has nary a complaint at the Better Business Bureau and relies on his good reputation for business, instead of traditional advertising. Except for tires and alignment issues, Buckinger is all the repairman you’ll ever need. 4936 15th Ave. S., Gulfport, 727-323-0854.