Best Of 2006

Best Place to Buy Obligatory Greeting Cards: GCO Gift & Card Outlet

Along with bikinis and Rolling Stones tickets, greeting cards are the most overpriced consumer items around. A joke card for $8.95? C’mon. The giftee shucks it from the envelope, forces a chuckle, throws it aside and gets to the real business at hand: opening the damn present. (The card gets ignored even more if there’s cash inside.) Now, if you’re one of those people who like to spend a couple hours and three stops to find the perfect card, then GCO is not for you. But if you recognize that gift cards are little more than throwaways, and it doesn’t really matter how they look or what they say, then GCO is it. Cards are 59 cents, two for a dollar. You can even find some nice ones, if you don’t mind surveying the racks for a bit. But spend all of 14 seconds and grab a dull one. Hey, the price is right. The person who opens the thing will at least pretend to like it. 5225 Fourth St. N., Suite C, St. Petersburg, 727-521-4592.