Best Of 2006

Best Place To Buy One-Of-A-Kind Greeing Cards: Cherie's Eklectika

The address of Cherie’s snazzy website — which is almost as fun as the shop — is That’s apt, because Cherie and Britt Doughtie’s corner store is one of the places that make St. Pete lovable. Everything here lives up to the slogan, “Future retro with a slice of kitsch.” From the blue bucketful of “ugly dolls” by the cash register, to the touristy-on-purpose T-shirts, to cards you won’t find anywhere else, Cherie’s is a treasure trove of stylishly tacky fun and a great place to gift shop (there’s L’Occitane soaps and cool kids’ books, too). Plus, the owners are art collectors, and shoppers can find works by such famous outsider artists as Howard Finster and local heroes like Chad Mize.