Best Of 2006

Best Thrift Store for Fashionistas: St. Pete: Salvation Army

Face it fashionistas, baby-boomers are the key to good thrift stores: They’re eager to get rid of old clothes; they have no idea the worth of their ’70s hip-hugger bell-bottom jeans; and they generally take care of their clothes by getting them dry-cleaned. This alone makes Florida one of the best states for those hipsters seeking retro and vintage wear at frugal prices. Of course, this all depends on the thrift store’s knowledge. Do they know this London Fog raincoat is worth a lot more than a 75-cent blue tag special? While Goodwill seems to have caught on to the buzz and raised its prices accordingly, the Salvation Army still puts up passably chic clothes on the rack along with flannel shirts and paint-stained jeans. Out of Tampa Bay’s several locations, the St. Petersburg store on 66th Street consistently yields the best finds; recently, we uncovered a vintage yellow silk evening gown, orange and brown cowboy boots, and a wool sweater that would make Chewbacca jealous. And yes, they now accept Mastercard and Visa. 5885 66th St. N., St Petersburg, 727-541-7781.