Best Of 2006

Most Refreshingly Off-the-Cuff Sideline Quote: Cadillac Williams

It was the Bucs’ second preseason game, and as usual, coach Jon Gruden kept his prized Cadillac out of the game. Channel 8 sports reporter J.P. Peterson roamed the sidelines, breaking into the dull contest with quick interviews. Cadillac made himself available. After a few softball questions and clich√© responses, Peterson remarked how the running back looked quicker and stronger than he did last year. He asked what steps the reigning Rookie of the Year used to improve his game. Without missing a beat, Cadillac remarked in his Alabama drawl, “I just worked my balls off.” Beautiful. Peterson played it straight-faced, the guys in the booth didn’t bring it up, and Cadillac never showed a twinge of embarrassment. His gaffe probably won’t incur any FCC fines, but it sure was a healthy moment of candid jock-speak — and man, was it hilarious.