Best Of 2007


Credit Jack Spatafora/Aestheticized Presents for making sure the Modern Skirts perform as frequently as possible at preferred local indie bars like New World Brewery in Ybor City. The quartet’s album Catalogue of Generous Men is an elegant and emotive creation fit for myriad tastes — yes, we’re talking to you, the guy who listens to nothing but the classic-rock station. The Skirts’ sunny-but-never-saccharine vocals, memorable lyrics about matters of the heart and smile-inducing melodies make for timeless listening. In concert, the band’s big ol’ rock ’n’ heart pushes the musicians to make lasting impressions with performances that place more importance on crowd connection than reproducing their recorded material note-for-note. This M.O. leads to bold, sinewy guitar solos and an abundance of infectious energy that circulates through the crowd like joints at a Widespread Panic show. Granted, the Skirts don’t have far to travel from their home base in Athens, Ga., but with their schedule growing increasingly more hectic, each visit becomes that much more appreciated.