Best Of 2007


Five years ago, if you’d asked Frank Strunk III what he hoped to be known for in the Bay area arts community, the words “metal couture” probably would not have passed his lips. But the avid carpenter and maker of kinetic sculpture with an industrial feel found an unexpected niche when he began crafting elaborate wearable constructions out of aluminum and other materials painted silver to match. After adding a few well-toned babes to serve as models and muses for the outfits, Strunk soon found a recipe for success. Earlier this year at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center’s annual Wearable Art 3 show, Strunk was the finale act, and he whipped the crowd into a frenzy (metaphorically speaking) with his scantily dressed tin ladies. One buxom lass shook her aluminum-clad ta-tas as Silly String sprayed from the garment’s nipples; another dropped trou in the form of a collapsible skirt made of silver-painted Ping Pong balls. Now that’s what we call art.