Best Of 2007

BEST SUB: Chicken Parm at Eddie & Sam’s

As the new condo towers climb in downtown Tampa, our envy grows with each ascending floor. Oh, not for the swank new digs or possibly-hip-someday address but because of the proximity to the fabulous chicken parmigiana sub at Eddie & Sam’s. A coma in a hoagie roll (and we mean that in only the most glorious way possible), the parm is loaded with breaded chicken breast coated in marinara sauce, then slathered in a pile of delectable mozzarella cheese. One warning: Each bite demands a follow-up until the big sandwich vanishes — you try to save half for later, but you can’t — leaving you slumped in your chair, eyes swimming and reciting that famous Alka-Seltzer ad: “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”