Best Of 2007

BEST PERSONAL TRAINER: Elliott Hulse, Strength Camp & City Gym

He puts the personal in personal trainer. Part drill sergeant, part therapist, part gym coach, part friend, Elliott Hulse shapes routines and nutritional plans to his clients’ particular lifestyles, personalities and even their dreams. And he works with a range of body types, from high-school athletes to middle-aged jocks to the not-so-pleasingly plump. A mainstay at St. Pete’s City Gym for two years, Elliott is opening his own place Oct. 1, where he’ll be able to expand his hard-hitting but enjoyable Strength Camp program. 727-501-6811, Strength Camp Gymnasium, opening Oct. 1, 3221 39th Ave. S., St. Pete; City Gym, 3360 Sixth St. S., St. Pete.