Best Of 2007

BEST BAD LUCK: The Bucs draft

In the chatter-filled weeks leading up to the NFL draft, geeks and pundits thought Tampa Bay, picking fourth, had a good shot at getting freakishly talented wide receiver Calvin Johnson. If Johnson happened to get grabbed up because of his superstar potential, the thinking was that the Bucs would have a shot at a beast of a left tackle, Joe Thomas. It didn’t work out that way. Detroit grabbed Johnson; Cleve-land took Thomas, and that left the Bucs with … defensive end Gaines Adams from Clemson. The kid’s a talented pass rusher, but he simply did not merit a fourth overall pick. The Bucs, as draft experts like to say, did not get enough value. Certainly, Adams has the po-tential to become a star, but he also has the potential to become a bust. During preseason, he got pushed around and looked lost. But hey, it was only preseason, right?